The Pasteur Award

Past Pasteur Award Recipients

The Pasteur Award was established in 1948 to publicly recognize individuals who have made significant and outstanding contributions in the field of microbiology.
Eligibility is not limited to members of ISM or to Illinois residents.
The Illinois Society for Microbiology is proud to present this award each year at our fall meeting.

2023 Pasteur Award Winner Dr. Mary K. Hayden

1948 Dr. J. Forset Huddleston
1949 Dr. Stewart A. Koser
1950 Dr. Jacques J. Bronfenbrenner
1951 Dr. C. H. Werkman
1952 Dr. Salvador E. Luria
1953 Dr. H.J. Shaughnessy
1954 Dr. James A. Reyniers
1955 Dr. Perry W. Wilson
1956 Drs. Joshua and Esther Lederberg
1957 Dr. Gail M. Dack
1958 Dr. Carl C. Lindegren
1959 Dr. Lloyd B. Jensen
1960 Dr. H. Orin Halvorson
1961 Dr. John Roger Porter
1962 Dr. William Hay Taliaferro
1963 Dr. Sol Spiegelman
1964 Dr. R.E. Buchanan
1965 Dr. Frank H. Stodola
1966 Dr. Fritz Schlenk
1967 Dr. James W. Moulder
1968 Dr. Elizabeth McCoy
1969 Dr. E. M. Foster
1970 Drs. Guy and Anne Youmans
1971 Dr. L. Leon Campbell
1972 Dr. Bernard Roizman
1973 Dr. Ralph D. DeMoss
1974 Dr. Ralph S. Wolfe
1975 Dr. Hutton Slade
1976 Dr. Edwin Umbarger
1977 Dr. Julius Adler
1978 Dr. Clifford Hesseltine
1979 Dr. David Perlman
1980 Dr. Samuel Kaplan
1981 Dr. William Reznikoff
1982 Dr. Sidney Cohen
1983 Dr. B. Wesley Catlin

1984 Dr. John W. Rippon
1985 Dr. George Gee Jackson
1986 Dr. Lacy R. Overby
1987 Dr. John L. Sever
1988 Dr. Josephine A. Morello
1989 Dr. Patricia Spear
1990 Dr. Eileen L. Randall
1991 Dr. Ananda M. Chakrabarty
1992 Dr. Thomas Brock
1993 Dr. Phillip Gerhardt
1994 Dr. Abigail Salyers
1995 Dr. Elmer W. Koneman
1996 Dr. Welton I. Taylor
1997 Dr. Marie Coyle
1998 Ms. Lynne S. Garcia
1999 Dr. Glenn Roberts
2000 Dr. Ronald Zabransky
2001 Dr. Frederick Blattner
2002 Dr. Kenneth Thompson
2003 Dr. John Washington
2004 Dr. Richard Facklam
2005 Dr. James Tiedje
2006 Dr. Thomas F. Smith
2007 Dr. Patrick R. Murray
2008 Dr. Geraldine Hall
2009 Dr. Susan Ilene Gerber
2010 Dr. Paul Schreckenberger
2011 Dr. Mike Costello
2012 Dr. Michael Miller
2013 Dr. Roberta Carey
2014 Dr. Lance Peterson
2015 Dr. Fred Tenover
2016 Dr. Richard (Tom) Thomson
2017 Dr. Karen C. Carroll
2018 Dr. Susan E. Sharp 
2019 Dr. Mike Dunne


An honorary Pasteur Award was made posthumously to Dr. F. W. Tanner, the first president of the I.S.M.